In movies, people drink alcohol when they are sad, angry or in company. But if it is a romantic scene, the drink is always wine. Ever wondered why?

Some wise man once said that wine is bottled poetry. No wonder then that Luiz Fernandes Olaverri said, “Wine is the only artwork you can drink”. Wine is a beverage made from grapes fermented without any additions. Winemaking is a process which has a lot of stages or steps. Winemaking and wine tasting are interesting things to learn and understand, which is why you need to go for wine tasting in Bangalore.

Enotourism is gaining popularity among people. Bangalore has also many wine tasting sessions organised but where is the thrill in a wine tasting in Bangalore if it does not happen in a vineyard in Bangalore. That wait is over. Travel about 70 km from the city and there is a beautiful winery close to Channapatna. The vineyard and the winery stand in a 15 acre land in Gange Doddi village.

Why Wine Tasting in Bangalore should be your next weekend plan in Bangalore?

This is your answer to all the wine-related queries. You will get an expert opinion on the different varieties of wine and their different food combinations. For instance, Cabernet Sauvignon tastes marvellous with red meat while pinot noir is great with food with earthy flavours. You will also get a sneak peek into the wine etiquette- how to see, swirl, sniff, and sip wine. The tasting room has all the arrangements.

Wine lovers can witness the magic of winemaking in this tour. The guide accompanies as you stroll through rows of grape-bearing vines. Both red grape and green grape growing in this vineyard. You can also witness the entire process of winemaking- from crushing of grapes to the packaging. They use real oak barrels to keep the wine for fermentation which you can see during your visit. (There is a connection between oak wood and the taste of wine. Otherwise, why not any other wood? Ask the expert).

Another highlight of this wine tasting in Bangalore is the grape stomping exercise. Yes, you step into a large tub filled with grapes and dance to the rhythm of the music played. You will be stomping on the grapes.

There is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The whole activity will occupy half day and you could make wine tasting in Bangalore a day outing in Bangalore or just a stopover on your way to Mysore or Coorg for a long weekend.

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When is this tour happening?

The winery organises the winery tour and vineyard visit on Saturdays between 10 am to 6 pm. The tour happens if there are 4-5 people available. The wine tasting tour happens in batches of 20-25 people. So, if you have a group of 25 people ready for some wine tasting in Bangalore, this tour can be arranged on a weekday as well. (Convince your team lead for a good team outing activity).

So, come and learn more about this partner in romance. You can learn a tip or two before your next date!