Corporate Team Outing in BangaloreCorporate Team Outing in Bangalore
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Corporate Adventure Outdoor Activities

Some Corporate Adventure Outdoor Activities


Raft Building

Raft building is an excellent team building activity for the outdoors brings together the entire team as one. Raft building exactly does that where the whole team needs to get together to build a raft. The raft should be strong and sturdy enough so as to withstand the fast flowing rapids of the river Kaveri.

Jungle Survival

The whole team gets together and collectively thinks of creative ways to survive in the dense jungles around Bangalore. The team members must help each other to get over the fear of unknown in this game. But of course there will be assistance and the activity will be set in a secure background.

spider Web

Most of the corporate teams in Bangalore enjoy this excellent brain teaser outdoor team activity during their team building activities in Bangalore. In this outdoor activity the whole team works in close conjunction with each other to find the perfect solution to cross over the spider web.

Acid Walk

Rambling over the crates and reaching out to the goal has its own fun and excitement factors. Acid Walk involves leading your team to the finishing line, while walking over the given crates; wooden or plastic boxes. This fun filled activity, it is the perfect way to unite the team.

Ice Walk

This is one of the most exciting team building activities, where you get real time experience of walking on ice. In this activity the whole team works in proper coordination and helps each other to reach the target point. The activity requires proper team cooperation and coordination.

Egg Drop

This is really fun and thrilling team building activity where you need to protect the eggs from breaking when they fall from 10 feet. Think of smart ideas with the whole team and save eggs from breaking down and be successful in this game.


Start moving the pipe from starting to the finishing point along with handling and tackling various barriers which come all along the way.


A very innovative kind of outdoor activity much in vogue in Bangalore where you need to run and be a successful racer by reaching the destination first, but the only condition is that you do not have to keep your feet on the ground. By using few crates you and your team creates the whole path on which you need to reach the winning point.


Get those guns out but use them smart and wise. A popular game with a lot of fun and team strategy to be worked around it. Paintball requires each team to develop their best strategy to overcome their opponents.


In this outdoor team building sport you need to create a safe path for your team by overcoming all the hurdles in the way in Bangalore. The contestant reaching first at the finishing line is the winner. But this team bonding game is not as easy to play as it sounds.


All you need is putting full team effort and use the supplied material and make a really fantastic structure which is really creative and amazing to look at.

Blindfold Tent Pitching

Here in this outdoor game you need to build or pitch tents to survive the wilderness if the jungles around Bangalore to be a winner while being blindfolded.