Bangalore does have some great vineyards and wineries. A perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore for those looking for a quick getaway from the hustles and bustles of the city, long drive freaks, vineyard lovers, oenophiles (wine lovers) and wine tours.

You don’t have to be an expert to visit a vineyard. This is also a great way to combine short travel and viniculture. Primarily because you can only find vineyards located on the outskirts of a city. Wine lovers flock opt for these wine tours in Bangalore to taste their favorite blend of wine. A classic wine tour gives you the opportunity to unwind amidst the charming view of the vineyard.

They provide a vineyard and winery tour, as well as wine tasting, as a part of the package. The winery and the wine aging room is simply a marvelous place. The tour guide who accompanies, explains the art of wine making – the plucking of the grapes, the peeling, pressing, fermentation, the aging of the wine in the barrels – which is pretty much intriguing !!

The interesting part of the tour is the wine tasting. Different varieties of wine produce will be given and the art of tasting and distinguishing each wine will be explained.

Best Wine tours in Bangalore

1. Soma Vineyard

About the Tour:
The Soma vineyards in Bangalore stretch for about 100 acres. Surrounded by mountains, Soma is a fully-fledged experience waiting to be discovered. Once here you will be taken through the intricate process of wine making. Right from picking the grapes to harvesting and extracting the juice from the grapes. This also includes talking about the fermentation process. For wine tasting, you will be ushered to three different locations.

Location: Bangalore Soma Vineyards, Sonnenahalli

2. Grover Vineyard

About the Tour:
A vineyard that started in the 1960s is set up in vast sprawling lands of Devanahalli on the outskirts of Bangalore. A vineyard that works at promoting wine tourism, it is a great option for wine tours in Bangalore. The main goal at Grover Vineyard is to lead an endeavor that helps people learn about wine making. They also believe in promoting wine education amongst novel wine enthusiasts. Located near Bangalore’s famous Nandi Hills, Grover is high on promoting winery tourism in India. If you’re thinking of taking your beloved out on a date, then move beyond romantic restaurants in Bangalore and opt for a dinner/lunch at the vineyard instead.

Location: Devanahalli

3. Heritage Winery

About the Tour:
Recently acquired by Sula, Heritage Winery is a very popular market leader when it comes to Port/Fortified wine. You reach the winery after a mind-blowing drive from Bangalore which is 80 Km away. Once you start the tour, the wine expert on the field takes you through the entire process of wine making. The process includes fermentation and blending and mixing of different kinds of wine.

Location: Channapatna

4. Nandi Valley Winery

About the Tour:
For all the wine aficionados out there, Nandi Valley Winery is a one fun place to be at. This is one of those wine tours in Bangalore that makes wine education super messy but just as fun. What they offer you is grape stomping followed by a wine tasting buffet. Grape stomping involves squishing of grapes with your bare feet in a huge barrel. These squished grapes are later juiced and then fermented. This art of wine making is super fun and very engaging. A fun weekend getaway activity to pursue with your friends, Nandi Valley Winery will always leave you impressed. You could also choose to trek through Nandi Hills before going on the vineyard tour.

Location: Near Palace Grounds