We aren’t going to bug you with the boring question of “how did the week at office go for you?” We know you would have wanted to kill your boss but decided to release all your frustrations by eating an entire pizza all by yourself (or was it). We know plenty of cab drivers must have bailed on you, thereby having your name marked late on the attendance register. We know you would have faced a lot of ifs and buts as well. Now that the much awaited long weekend is here we can completely forget everything and indulge in something adventurous. What say?

What could be a better way to switch off from monotony than going on an exciting trek? We have for you a list of amazing treks near Bangalore that are not just adventurous but also easy on your pocket. Whether you wish to go trekking for a few days, during the day or in the night, the choice of action is yours. Enjoy your mini break from 11th to 15th August. Enjoy the freedom to travel!

Night time adventures – Treks every night!

1. Night Trek at Kunti Betta

The trek up the rocky hill in the darkness of the night is a daunting adventure, and the campfire at the top is even more exciting! This overnight trek to Kunti Betta starts at 12:00 am and takes you around 4 hours to reach the peak. Yes, that’s right, you would reach the peak by 4:00 am. Sounds fun? The mornings would welcome you with breathtaking views, and a swim in the Pandavapura lake in the morning is the perfect ending to this amazing adventure.

2. Night trekking and cave exploration at Anthargange

Get into the skin of a caveman. Climb, crawl and squeeze through the caves in Anthargange, that too at night! This is an exciting combination of cave exploration and night time trekking to the Anthargange peak, which at an altitude of 1,712 m rises above the township of Kolar in a dramatic way. The climb through broken rocks and tricky boulder paths in the mysterious night would be one of your best adventures ever.

3. Night trek to Narayanagiri hill

Narayanagiri Hills

Explore a less ventured trekking trail in Karnataka the exciting way – through the darkness of the night! The route to Narayangiri, an idyllic hill nestled in the countryside near Ramanagara, is a lesser taken one. Feast your eyes on the incredible panorama that unfolds secrets beneath the moonlit skies, and enjoy the serene views that mornings bring along with it. And do not forget to capture some amazing pictures before you make your way back down!

Two-day treks every day

1. A 2-day trek to Kudremukha

Experience the tranquillity of the mountains in Kudremukha, explore dense forests and visit some scenic waterfalls on your way to the top of the ‘horse shaped mountain.’

Kudremukha Hills, Chikmagalur
Kudremukha Hills, Chikmagalur

Starting from Bangalore, this adventure makes its way towards the Kudremukha National Park in Chikmagalur, making its first stop at Mulldoi. Trek through rainforests, bathe in waterfalls and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Western Ghats. Dinner by campfire and a homestay experience adds to the fun of this 2-day trekking trail.

2. An enchanting trek to Kodachadri

Kodachadri Hills, Shimoga

Another two-day trek in Karnataka that is sure to leave you enchanted! A trek through the thickly forested landscapes of the Kodachadri mountain, located in Shimoga. Visit Hidlumane falls, get a bird’s eye view of the Western Ghats and enjoy the mesmerizing sunset beyond the Arabian sea at a distance. What else would anyone need to make the holiday a marvellous one!

3. An adventurous trek to Thadiyandamol

Thadiyandamol South Coorg

A trek to Thadiyandamol, the highest peak in Coorg is always exciting. Add to it, the experience of staying in a homestay, traditional Kodava food and campfire nights – the fun just doubles up. This daunting 2-day trek from Bangalore would take you through Shola forests, waterfalls, rivulets and steep slopes. The astounding views from atop the peak would delight any nature lover and photo enthusiast.

4. Trek to Nishani Motte and river rafting in Coorg

Nishani Motte Peak, Coorg

A daunting trek up the Nishani Motte through slippery slopes and wooded thickets, and an adrenaline rushing experience of river rafting – Sounds good? This is what you have on the plate for the upcoming long weekend.

The Nishani Motte peak offers splendid mountain views that are a part of both Kerala and Karnataka. And rafting down the rushing streams of Coorg – well it is a ‘bucket-list-experience’ for every Karnataka dweller and adventure junkie.