The capital city of Karnataka is grown to become one of the most popular cosmopolitans in the country. With its rich culture and bustling nightlife, Bangalore has something to offer to every visitor. The weather is pleasant all year long making the city a great tourist spot. The rich history gives one a long list of places to visit in Bangalore.

The city is a hub for the tech industry. The heavy workload often demands a break. People are always on a lookout for places to visit in Bangalore to get away from the chaos and endless deadlines.

Amidst the sprouting startups and call centres are a few places where you can detach from the world and have the break you deserve. Aptly named as the ‘garden city,’ Bangalore has some beautiful places to visit to unwind from the pollution civilization brings with it.

1. Nature and adventure camp at Muttathi

Tucked away from the milling crowds, this camp offers a slice of nature that is the entirely unique experience to relive the simple life and is a must visit places to visit in Bangalore, one in which you can become one with yourself.

An enduring heaven for adventure lovers, the camp offers you a whiff of adrenaline with exciting activities like kayaking, zip line, and rope walking that will give you a rush. Activities like water rafting, snorkeling are offered to let you enjoy the magical waters and let go of all your fears. Switch off from the busy city life and become one with nature in the serene camp side.

Unwind in the lap of nature as the camp offers cosy lodging facilities to bunk amidst the beautiful scenery. Develop new hobbies like bird watching and trekking in this beautiful place that offers your assistance with your endeavours. You can also discover the hidden wildlife on your way during the nature walk. To majestic elephants, deer, to crocodiles and turtles all in their natural habitat without cages in all their glory.

The perfect getaway for birdwatchers, the camp surrounding witnesses over two hundred species of birds every year. For the people looking for solace, you can camp under the stars by the lake and let your stress disappear into the vast sky.

2. Guhantara Resort

Guhantara resort in Kaggalipura offers some of the best services in the city. With its unique ambience and theme, it is India’s first underground cave resort topping the list of places to visit in Bangalore. The name of the resort is translating to ‘the heart of a cave’ aptly suiting the enchanting architecture of the area.

Equipped with a swimming pool and a spa, it is a perfect place to unwind after a long week at work. The lip-smacking multi-cuisine food and a lounge area make it on the list of the places to visit in Bangalore.

If you are some who mixes their work and pleasure, the resort also offers a conference space and an auditorium that provision like a projector and Wi-Fi for a hassle-free experience. The grand swimming pool comes with a waterfall for a fantastic experience along with rain dance.

The architecture of the resort takes you back in time for an unusual experience. With rooms overlooking a lake and a stream running around the resort, the place is sure to calm all your tension.

3. Shilhaandara Resort

Connect back with nature in the beautiful Shilhaandara resort. Surrounded by mountains, it soothes the soul. One of the best places to visit in Bangalore, the resort offers world class services like a pool, gym and beautiful dining experience all while you breathe in the fresh air without stress.

The indoor games and rain dance facilities make it a perfect stop for your next picnic with your family and friends. The resort provides the perfect scenery to unwind after a long week at work.

The rocky green hills and a palace surrounding the place, the resort will make you forget all your tensions. They also have facilities to get your groove on with an in-house DJ with great music.

It doesn’t stop there, after a fun filled night you can enjoy a pleasant morning playing outdoor activities like volleyball or even kite flying that can be arranged by the resort for you and your friends and family.

4. Wildflower Resort

For everyone longing for a quick break away from the city, the Wildflower Resort is one of the places to visit in Bangalore. Spread over 7 acres, this place is a perfect getaway with its relaxing spas and lush green ambience. The resort offers various adventure sports for those wanting to rediscover themselves.

Have a fun filled a day with your loved ones who want to get their adrenaline pumping with fun activities like paintball, rope coursing, zorbing. With a well-equipped swimming pool, the resort offers some ways to relax.

Enjoy the fresh air with the cool breeze swaying the trees in the endless greenery.  A perfect getaway for someone looking to relax at the resort offers some of the best spa facilities. Get a relaxing massage or just sip a refreshing drink by the pool, Wildflower is the best places to visit in Bangalore.

5. Angsana Resort

Angsana Resort in Bangalore is one of the most beautiful resorts tucked away in one of India’s most enchanting regions. You can feel the curative power of nature in the greenery and the air of the surroundings.

Since Bangalore is a combination of a modern metropolis and the delightful charms of one of India’s most enchanting regions, it enjoys the convenience of being close to both, the city and the lush open countryside by being situated only 24 kilometers from the main shopping district it is one of the best places to visit in Bangalore.

They have a well-stocked library for readers to relax after a week of tireless working. The yoga/meditation room and a thrilling Virtual Reality Game Centre will help you unwind and revive yourself after a day’s hard work.

The pools, Jacuzzis, steam and sauna and magnificent landscaped gardens exude peaceful and tranquil auras. Tennis and squash courts and an aerobics centre are included in other recreational facilities that are provided as part of the extensive array of facilities to cater to business guests.

6. Moritt Resort Farms

While we are talking about the outdoors one place that cannot be missed is Moritt Resort Farms. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Bangalore, it is perfect for everyone who loves the outdoors. An eco-friendly farm, Moritt offers various fun activities to its guests. Taking you back to the simpler times, the frame is spread over 40 acres and is lush green.

Breathe in the freshness while taking a stroll in the vast green land. The farm gives you a chance to interact with birds and the farm animals. Chase a chicken or hear the mellow chirps of the tiny birds for a relaxing day.

One can also take a ride on the bullock cart to venture into the forest surrounding the resort for a wild safari and explore the place to spot a deer or even a black buck.

For those who want to relax, the resort offers best in a class swimming pool and quiet lawns to mediate. The place also has a volleyball court and cricket lawn for the friends looking to revisit their childhood.

The place is a fun site for the adults and a learning ground for the kids where they can milk cows, learn about nature without hi-tech gadgets.

7. Jade Vanani Resorts

Combining the best of both worlds, Jade Vanani Resorts are a perfect balance of luxury and wilderness. Get lost in the rustic ambience of the stonework architecture inspired by ancient temples. The place has been built with a vision to give their guests a Zen experience. Just a short drive from the city, this place takes you to a whole different zone.

The place is well equipped with a clubhouse and swimming pool and a restaurant offering the best cuisine. It is ample of open space for you to relax and watch your kids play. Let your feet soak up the freshness of the wet moist grass. Enjoy the crisp air in the beautiful surroundings.

Barbecue your food under the moonlit sky and enjoy a cosy meal with your loved ones. Amongst the countless places to visit in Bangalore, this resort is the place to achieve tranquillity and peace of mind.

8. Golden Palm Resort

For those who are looking for luxury in the places to visit in Bangalore, the Golden Palm Resort is the place to be. From extravagant baths to delicious food, this place has the best of the facilities to offer. Its simplistic architecture has a Mediterranean inspiration giving you the state of the art luxury experience.

A perfect getaway for couples, the resort, has a special milk bath inspired by the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The bath is drawn with milk, honey and rose petals for a luxurious experience. Experience luxury like royalty in this popular resort while you rekindle your romance. This intimate bath will rejuvenate and revive your senses.

Their cafe offers authentic world cuisine to tingle your taste buds. The swimming pool surrounded by palm trees is a perfect place to relax and free yourself from the stress. The resort also offers spa facilities with some of the best-trained masseuses to give you a once in a lifetime experience.

9. Jaladhama Resort

For all the water babies, out there, Jaladhama Resort is the aptest places to visit in Bangalore. A part of the ecotourism project in Karnataka, it is located near the most beautiful backwaters. The beautiful scenery along with the architecture inspired by nature amidst lush green trees makes it a perfect place to unwind.

The resort has something for everyone from kids to adults. If you want some alone time as a couple or enjoy with your friends and family, there is a provision for all your needs.

Equipped with indoor and outdoor games, the highlight of this place is the water sports activities. Enjoy speed boating or have fun on a banana boat, the resort has all sorts of water fun for you. For fun filled experience, there are bonfires in the evening with a live DJ to get your groove on while you enjoy the pleasantly cool weather.

For the ones who love to go crazy, there is rain dance organized by the resort to let your hair down and make the most of your holiday. A special area has been designed for the kids with amazing rides for them to enjoy. While the kids have fun, there is a relaxing spa facility for you to let your stress melt away.

The resort offers a distinctive river cruise for a luxury dining experience. Soak in the beautiful scenery as you binge on some relishing food.

10. Eagleton Golf Resort

The 9-5 routine can get to you. Take a break from work and slip away into the pleasant environment of Eagleton Golf Resort. One of the most popular places to visit in Bangalore, it offers the best money can buy. A mere 28 km away from the central city, the resort is a perfect place to relax and forget your work. Endless green golf course makes it a treat to the eyes.

Soothe your soul with the quiet and green surroundings. With designer swimming pools at different levels, the place is an excellent way to relax. The spa facilities provided by the resort are one of a kind. With a meditation centre and a health club, the resort is the perfect place to restore your Zen.

Though the primary recreational activity of the place is golf, the resort is well equipped for indoor and outdoor activities. You can also try your hand at archery or ride a horse like the Royals.

So, what are you waiting for, with these fantastic options in your hand, plan your next trip around the city and revoke the peace and fun! I am sure you are not going to regret.


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