Corporate Team Outing in BangaloreCorporate Team Outing in Bangalore
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Travel Guide To Bangalore

Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore
  • India
  • Bangalore
  • 741 km²
  • 920 m
  • 32°C
  • +5:30 GMT
  • INR
  • Kannada
  • 4.301 million (2001)

General Information About Bangalore

You will like

  • Weather: You will fall in love with the weather in Bangalore; the pleasant climate, the cool breeze, the intermittent drizzles.
  • Liveliness: When in Bangalore, you are sure to be impressed by the ‘full of life’ attitude of the city. Plenty of bars and pubs to keep your nightlife buzzing!

Be prepared

  • Crowds: With everyone from across the nation trying to become a part of the bustling metropolitan, Bangalore is quite a crowded city.
  • Traffic: Like any metropolis, the traffic in Bangalore is a force to reckon with. However, the Bangalore Metro has certainly helped ease commuter woes.

Describing It

A city that boasts of an interesting mix of well-planned infrastructure and scenic landscapes; Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru, is the capital of Karnataka. A bustling IT hub, this vibrant city is known by many names - Silicon Valley of India, Garden City, Pub City and the Pensioner’s Paradise are just some of them. Call it what you may, Bangalore is a city sure to enthrall you with its multifaceted charm. Bangalore undeniably woos the ardent traveller with a host of tourist attractions coupled with year-round pleasant climate. In spite of heavy industrialisation, the city has kept its heritage in perfect harmony with the evolving modernity. There are picturesque palaces, gardens, parks and boulevards in all parts of the city. There is plenty to see and do within Bangalore itself, and it also serves as a good base to explore nearby tourist destinations like Koli Hills, Kalpetta, Bheemeshwari and Kabini. Bangalore balances the old and the new in an incredibly good manner. As multinationals aim for the sky with spiralling workplaces all around Bangalore, some of the most beautiful gardens in the country and a monumental palace, which was once the summer retreat of the great warrior Tipu Sultan, adorn the city and add to the cultural heritage. Bangalore is also famous for its youthful vibe and pub culture. From interesting historical structures to the most modernistic lifestyle, Bangalore is fascinating, to say the least.
Bangalore Sports

Sports Played in Bangalore

Adventure in Bangalore is what more and more professionals are seeking when they plan a vacation.

Bangalore Tourism

Bangalore, Capital of Karnataka, is at present Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city with huge demand from technological giants worldwide. With rapid development 'The Garden city of India' boasts now of also being 'The Silicon Valley of India'. Spread over an area of 2190 Bangalore, the fifth major metropolis of India is home to 6.52 million people. The city is lined with green landscapes and is free from extremes of climate due to its convenient location in the heart of Peninsular India. Founded in 1537, Bangalore now is a kaleidoscope of striking colors. The city epitomizes India's excursion from an emergent nation to the hub of Information Technology. Recently renamed as Bengaluru, it is also the core of some of the major scientific establishments in India. The city bears mark of a splendid past and this mingles with modern conveniences and pleasures. A delightful destination, the city of Bangalore is beautifully decorated with parks, gardens, lakes and fountains. It also serves as a perfect stopover for some very beautiful places nearby including Mysore and the Jog Falls. While in Bangalore, you can visit the Lal Baug Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan or just take a break in one of the numerous amusement parks. Breeze through some of the best eating joints, the swankiest shopping malls or the hip-n-happening pubs. Pleasant climate, architectural landmarks and the beautiful city--Bangalore has something for everyone.
Bangalore Culture and History

Coorg Culture and History



Bangalore is the capital and largest city in the Indian state of Karnataka. With a population of over 10 million (as of March 2014), Bangalore is the third largest city in India and 27th largest city in the world. Bangalore is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country, with over 62% of the city's population comprising migrants from other parts of India. Historically a multicultural city, Bangalore has experienced a dramatic social and cultural change with the advent of the liberalization and expansion of the information technology and business process outsourcing industries in India. IT companies in Bangalore employ over 35% of India's pool of 1 million IT professionals.


Bangalore , the capital of Karnataka, has a history of ever four hundred years, having been founded by Magadi Kempegowda in the year 1537 AD. Since then the city has throughout retained its importance as could be seen by the great desire of every chieftain or rules not only in the South but even the Moghul Kings of Delhi to acquire possession of this city. Bangalore , with its strategic location as well as congenial climate, fertile land and adequate rainfall has grown steadily in its area and population. Its growth accelerated with the establishment of a cantonment by the British.In 1809, very close to the old city of Bangalore . With the establishment of the cantonment, the prospects of trade, employment and other means of livelihood increased and people started setting on the fringes of the cantonment area and various localities now known as Tasker Town, Maciever Town, Richmond Town, Frazer Town etc., started springing up. By 1890 the population of the cantonment area had crossed a lakh mark while that of the old city, which also had a prosperous period of trade and commerce, had increased to over 80,000. The cantonment and the civil areas around it were, however, directly administered by the British Government and the city administration was with the State Government of Mysore. It was only in the middle of 1947 the Civil areas were conceded to the state and in the year 1949, the city and civil areas of Bangalore were brought under one Authority, the Corporation of the City of Bangalore , with a population of over seven lakhs.Perhaps the most spectacular growth of the City Started after the independence of the country, with the establishment of Central Sector Industries like the Hindustan Machine Tools (H.M.T), Indian Telephone Industries (I.T.I.) etc.The re-organisation of states on linguistic basis in 1956 gave further impetus to the growth of Bangalore when it become the capital of a larger state of Mysore with the addition of vast Kannada speaking areas of the format Bombay, Hyderabad, Madras states and Kodagu. Bangalore Developed not only as a headquarters of administration and an educational centre of Karnataka but also had a tremendous growth as an Industrial Centre.Described by its older residents as Garden City, Air-conditioned City etc., Bangalore attracted the people not only from Karnataka and surrounding areas but people from other states also on account of its salubrious climate, natural beauty and the abounding greenery. Within a decade and a half after the re-organisation of states in 1956 Bangalore became the Seventh Largest City in the Country by 1971, its population exceeding 16 lakhs. Its population growth in the decade between 1971 and 1981 has been beyond any expectation and reached nearly 3 million marks raising its place to 5 th among Indian Metropolitan Cities.


Bangalore, is situated in the southeast of the South Indian state of Karnataka. It is positioned at 12.97° N 77.56° E and covers an area of 2,190 square kilometres (850 sq mi). A landlocked city, Bangalore is located in the heart of the Mysore Plateau (a region of the larger Deccan Plateau) at an average elevation of 920 metres (3,020 ft). Bangalore district borders with Kolar and Chikkaballapur in the northeast, Tumkur in the northwest, Mandya and Ramanagaram in the southeast and Mysore
Bangalore Nightlife

Bangalore Nightlife

Bangalore has worked hard to earn its nickname, Pub City. For years, the IT epicentre has been South India’s unofficial bar capital, a bustling city of chic rooftops, hole-in-the-wall bars, and dozens of venues in between. But don’t come here for the usual rounds of Kingfisher – though that is readily available should you want it – there are craft beers on tap, full-fledged wineries nearby and a nightlife scene that could rival that of any major metropolis

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