Corporate Team Outing in BangaloreCorporate Team Outing in Bangalore
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Wayanad Plantation Retreat Team Outbound

Nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats, Wayanad forms the border of God’s Own Country, Kerala. Located at a distance of 76 km from the sea shores of Kozhikode, this verdant hill station is full of plantations, forests and wildlife. Wayanad hills are contiguous to Mudumalai, Tamil Nadu and Bandipur, Karnataka. Thus it forms a vast land mass for the wild life to move about in their most natural abode.

About the Resort :

Located in the vicinity of the Western Ghats, this resort is one of the most peaceful and vibrant destinations in Wayanad. Popular for its eco-friendly team outing packages, an outing in this resort will surely help your team in restoring their lost enthusiasm and devotedness towards work.

While the pristine settings of the surrounding will tranquilise the workaholic minds, the list of team building activities will help them grow team bonding amongst themselves. This in turn will encourage and motivate them to boost up their performance as a team.

Evolution of Technology Theme:

Rise above the rest and make use of your imagination.  This fun activity revolves around how technology has evolved from the Stone Age to our High-Tech world. It is here that the team members get to use their innovative abilities and get an opportunity to bond. As this type of project requires many skills sets to ensure success, a team that strives to utilize each member’s strengths is that one that will shine.

In this theme, the different teams start working from the Stone Age and eventually rise to Civilization and High-Tech World. During this event, they will pass through 3 Ages, i.e. Stone Age, Iron Age and Nuclear Age, Nuclear Age being the most recent. As you and your group pass through each age, the behaviour, clothes, language see a change accordingly. At every age, the teams need to work on a different war cry. For every stage, there is a task that needs to be finished which will allow them to move in to the next. The three levels are.

Stone Age

The prop for this theme is a piece of rag. Here the task given is relatively simple. You and your team will have a build a man pulled cart that will assist the entire team in crossing over to the next age.

Iron Age

Get into the zone of the age with a long hat. At this stage, the activity gets complex. You and your team members need to build the bicycle with the materials given and travel to Nuclear Age.

Nuclear Age

Teams must build a car and successfully test its functionality, with one person sitting and others pushing.

The thrilling game ends here. The team that manages to complete all the tasks first and come out with ingenious designs is the one that will emerge as triumphant one.


  • Day 1 –

    Early morning, after all the group members get picked up from the decided points, we will start our journey to Wayanad; by the time we reach the resort, it will be noon. We will check-in into the resort and get refreshed, followed by a lunch.

    Post lunch, all the group members will assemble near the activity zone, where the trip manager will discuss about all the rules and regulations of the activities. After this, he will divide the group into smaller teams; fun and team outbound activities will keep the teams enthralled till noon.

    Come evening, we will conclude the activities and will wind up for the day. Hereafter the group members can relish themselves with the resort’s amenities; a rejuvenating session in the swimming pool will help them relinquish their tiredness. Bonfire will keep the members amused till dinner is served in the late evening; overnight stay in the resort.

  • Day 2 –

    Today, after having breakfast, we will conduct an extremely delightful team outbound game; Rope Traversing. Fun and excitement of this activity will continue till lunchtime. Post lunch, we will relax for a while and go for a short sightseeing tour around the Pookat Lake.

    Coming back to the resort, the trip manager will discuss about the performance of the teams with feedbacks about every individuals. Encouraging the members to work as a team, he will also talk about the advantages of teamwork and how to avoid sluggishness in workplace. The day will come to an end with dinners served during the late evening.

  • Day 3 –

    An early morning nature walk will allow us to witness the astounding beauty of the plantation areas around the resort. With the completion of this nature walk, we will return to the resort and have breakfast followed by a relaxing session around the resort.

    Come afternoon, we will finally pack our bags and check-out from the resort. Here onwards, we will depart the resort and start our journey to Bangalore.