The heart of old Bangalore, Malleswaram is the place where time pauses. A favourite of writer RK Narayan, who lived nearby, it was allegedly the model for his fictional town of Malgudi. Take a look at the place that still reminds people of a more relaxed age.

Malleswaram Circle

The centre of all activity in town, the circle was once a stopping point for tongas or ‘jutkas’ as they are called in Kannada. They may no longer be there, but the markets around the circle remain

Veena Stores

If you walk down Malleswaram early one weekend to find an unending human chain near 15th cross and Margosa road, it emerges from this store. The small canteen delivers vadas, upmas and sheera to die for.

Sampige theatre

One of the older theatres in the suburb,renamed Savitha, this is quite the place to be during film releases. Cut-outs, milk baths and flower showers are common before big star releases.

Sankey Tank

Come sundown, the natives of Malleswaram set out for walks around this wonderfully ancient tank. If you are lucky enough, you might come across an elderly mama who might share memories of years when RK Narayan and CV Raman walked these lanes.

Janatha Hotel

Another old soldier of the suburb, the hotel continues to remain popular for its crisp vadais and Masala Dose. The McDs and Subways still haven’t found a way to beat this competition.

IISC Campus

Founded in 1899 with the help of Jamshetji Tata, this institution remains a premier one in the field of science and technology. It continues to be a matter of pride for both old and new residents of the suburb.

Malleswaram Market

From traditional madisar mamis arguing over the price of flowers to uncles out for their evening vegetable shopping, this is the hub for conversation, meetings and purchases. Legend has it that many conversations from this market made it into RK Narayan’s Malgudi Days.