Chinnaswamy Stadium in Cubbon Road, Bangalore

Chinnaswamy Stadium is one of the best and the foremost stadiums of the country that has been conducting major cricketing events for the country for many years now.Chinnaswamy Stadium Bangalore has a history of more than 40 years in undertaking major cricket matches during this tenure. The stadium came into existence in the year 1970.

The Stadium

India is known to be a major sporting country where people are crazy about sports. Cricket is the most praised, preferred and even worshipped sport in the country. The country has been producing the best cricketing talent for many years now and has many legendary cricketers in the hall of fame. For many such legends, Chinnaswamy stadium was a source of their success and a platform to showcase their talents.

Chinnaswamy Stadium Conducts Sports Events

The Sporting Events

The stadium was known as the Karnataka State Cricket Association Stadium before being re-named as Chinnaswamy stadium. Initially the stadium was used for the First-class cricket matches but as the time passed by the stadium even started conducting other major cricket events. The stadium was also the podium for famous cricketing legends like Godon Greenidge and Viv Richards. It has been a stadium that has been conducting events like World Cups, Test Tours and even the newly introduced concept of the IPL. The stadium in association with the BCCI was chosen as the center for National Cricket Academy to provide training to the promising stars of the future. It is the home ground for the Karnataka state cricket team that plays all their matches in the stadium. The reputed IPL team Royal Challenger also plays all their home matches in this Bangalore cricket stadium.

The National Events

The stadium is located at a central location in the beautiful city of Bangalore. The stadium has an enthralling panoramic view of the major locations of the city. The stadium has a capacity of more than 50,000 individuals with the best comfort and affordability to let the viewers get the best out of the match. The stadium has a good flood lighting facility to let the match be played even during the day and night matches. The management has plans to develop the stadium and increase the capacity of the stadium to up to 80,000 and make it one of the biggest cricket stadiums in the country. Chinnaswamy stadium has also held many national and traditional events that are viewed by millions of people across the world and the stadium stands as a sign of prestige.