The city of Bangalore offers recreational choices for everyone, catering to varying age groups and preferences. One of such places of which Bangalore boasts of is the Art of Living International Center, often called as the Bangalore Ashram. Not just for the seekers of ancient yogic like meditation and other yoga practices, this ashram is visited by many nature lovers as well. It is not just for the followers but a perfect destination for anyone looking for some relaxation amidst greenery and seclusion.

Situated 21 km south of the city, Art of Living International Center, the ashram has been built on a hillock, promising a rejuvenating experience to every visitor. Spread across an area of 65 acres, the Bangalore ashram was founded in the year of 1986. Since then it has been captivating people from all strata of life. It is now spread across 150 countries. Various visitors from around the globe comes to visit this Bangalore Ashram. Its serene environment, calm surrounding and a breathtaking view of the ashram at the backdrop of lush green nature are a few things which make your visit a memorable one. Known for the spirituality of the surrounding, you can find many yogi and visitors meditating here at the ashram.

Not just lush green nature, you will find here various Ayurveda centers as well such as Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre which presents various forms of handicraft and arts at Art of Living International Center. You have qualified Panchakarma doctors who offer ayurvedic treatment to your ailments. Apart from this, there are innumerable yoga and meditation and lifestyle courses which are being offered here.

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